Sustainability Vision and CSR

 Eco-friendly, sustainable packaging solutions is our stronghold. Throughout our product
and services range, we ensure that we meet our client’s needs in the most cost-effective and
safest possible way. The raw materials we use and the engineering process we follow are envisioned
to deliver peace of mind now and to the generation next.

EcoGauge - Calculates Carbon Emission

The need for Industrial Packaging is growing worldwide. Our Sustainability Vision is to deliver the best packaging products and monitor the entire process of internal and supply chain packaging through ‘Ecogauge’. This ensures that we can achieve our sustainability vision, empowering ourselves and helping our customers become carbon-neutral and a carbon negative organization. Econovus has developed Ecogauge, which calculates carbon emission for the total design & development process in the initial stages of development to provide sustainable design solutions with less to zero carbon footprint.


Life Cycle Assessment is the method that evaluates the environmental impact of a product over its entire life cycle.

LCA has Cradle to gate & Cradle to Grave analysis technique to assess environmental impacts associated with all the stages of products life, which is from raw material extraction through operations, logistics, actual consumption & recycling.

As a first step towards LCA we are calculating & managing Cradle to Gate & further committed for Cradle to Grave with all stakeholders.


Providing Customised NVH Solutions

with a sustainability ardent vision to reduce carbon footprint and maintain ecological sustainability.